Q. Is product serialization mandatory ?

A. Serialization is and will be mandatory for certain types of pharmaceutical products in number of countries worldwide (i.e. EU, USA, Brazil) with strict deadlines. If you are referring to any other industry you should check with responsible regulatory bodies for the market where you are or will be distributing your products..


Q. Can we implement serialization for our products on non regulated markets ?

A. Of course you can. Serialization implementation could bring you some benefits such as increased consumer trust, protection against counterfeiting, possibility to develop new communication channels with your customers and in the end, create a new positive experience for customers of your products.


Q. What is your software actually doing ?

A. Our software provides additional support to applied industry in terms of solving regulatory issues on the market as well as improving user experience, loyalty and security of your products. Our software provides and manages serialization codes in different standards and different data carriers, integrates with your existing systems and eventually opens new comunication channel to users of your products. On the other hand, our software can communicate with regulatory central or local databases where your serial number should stay for authentication purpose or simply can serve as serial number repository for authentication purpose.


Q. Is your software able to close whole serialization process cycle ?

A. Yes. Our software can generate and store serial numbers and codes that must be applied to your products/packaging. Additionally it it can store any data related to supply chain for later use. It can also serve as authentication system where authorized persons or/and customers will execute various check tasks.


Q. Do you support all existing serialization standards ?

A. Our experts are following changes in regulations in different industries all over the world. Our system will support all needed regulations on a minimum time needed to be developed by our development experts in house. If there are any special requests by client we will be happy to help.


Q. Do you support QR code, Datamatrix and other data carriers ?

A. We like to say that our system is data carrier independent. At this moment we do support majority of 1D and 2D barcodes. Even more, for demanding clients at this moment we also support NFC based tags. If there are any special requests by client we will be happy to help.


Q. How is your software communicating with outer world ?

A. We support two possibilities to use our software. Our clients could use web based user interface where all system actions could be performed. Second approach for our clients is to use our set of web API and integrate it with with their existing systems. Additionally, we provide a set of mobile applications (ready for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile) which can be used for logistic purpose or authentication purpose.


Q. Is your software running only in cloud version ?

A. Our system runs as hybrid solution. We provide minimal run environment on our infrastructure. Per request, it can be run as private or public cloud. We can license our solution to their internal environment, where it can operate as separate instance owned by client. Our mission is to provide our clients with maximum flexible platform with maximum up time while keeping costs of system operation low.


Q. Do you provide mobile application white labeling ?

A. Yes. For those clients who wants to have their branded application we can always white label our existing mobile application to their brand and design.


Q. Why would we use your custom application instead of “ordinary” QR reader ?

A. “Ordinary” QR reader is not (or needs to) be programed to interpret code properly. There is no standard yet how to interpret codes related to serialization. However, by using custom mobile application there are many other advantages: information is instantly provided to the customers in chosen language of application, bidirectional communication between customers and manufacturers, instant push notifications for purpose of recall.


Q. How works system pricing ?

A. Our clients pay as much as they use it. With minimal configuration, using our web interface, client is charged on basis of generated serialization codes only. End pricing is dependent on number of generated codes and it is subject to negotiation. Integration related tasks and support are charged separately.


Q. Is your system secure ?

A. We are doing our best to ensure maximum protection for our clients while adopting best practice in information technology. System architecture is planned in a way to minimize potential risks, our infrastructure is hosted in ISO 27001 data centers, records in database are stored in encrypted form with security keys stored in HSM, all information is exchanged with clients using secured communication.