It is all about customers

Technology moves ahead rapidly… Markets are opening more and more … There are no visible borders anymore ….

Rapid flow of information and goods is not in balance with equal protection of customers… Step ahead needs to be taken …

Industries like pharmaceutical already recognized importance of protecting goods and minimize risk of counterfeiting …

Serialization is one of tools that with many benefits both for manufacturers and customers …..

Do not let yourself not to be a part of that success story….


So what is this all about ?

Lately there is so much misunderstanding about serialization especially in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical.

How it will affect my business ?

Will it bring me nothing but the costs ?

Is it all about technology ?

Which departments of my company will be affected by this ?

Will our budget allow us to become compliant ?

Who am I going to choose to help me implement that ?


There are so many question raised and time is ticking … and yes… this is a real challenge…


Affected industries


Pharmaceutical Industry

pills-1158992-639x426The fact is that serialization will bring major changes in processes of pharmaceutical supply chain. Majority of largest worldwide markets already defined deadlines for full item based serialization of pharmaceutical products. So far, from 2016. – 2023. all prescription drugs (and some OTC’s) on markets such as  European Union, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China, India and South Korea will have to be serialized. Majority of other countries are either announcing or considering legislative changes to implement serialization as well.

Food Industry

dried-pasta-and-spices-1517137-640x480This industry is very specific since whole world population is in touch with its products on a daily basis. Information exchange in Internet era enabled very quick spread of information in matters of seconds. Unfortunately food accidents happens very often, no matter where you live, all of us could be possibly affected by those hazards. So today, like never before, customers are very sensitive about food they consume, but producers also have excellent possibility by using modern technology tools to improve food safety. There are also certain regulations (formal and nonformal) like EU 1169/2011 in EU or PTI initiative in US that are directing proper way how should producers behave. So give your consumer safety, give them possibility to know all about your products, and stay in honest and fair communication with them directly.

Beverage Industry

wine-bottle-1327055-638x427Beverage industry, especially wine and liquor industry are suffering from extreme counterfeiting. Unfortunately, this isn’t only about losing faith in product quality – lately in several countries incidents happened with catastrophic damages to people health. Once that happen, it is very hard to regain trust and confidence in original product, no matter of its price. By implementing serialization jointly with tamper evidence customers can always be sure that they’re consuming original beverage from original package and even more, producer can personalize relationship with customer by staying in direct communication by simple technological tool they already own – their smartphone.

Toys Industry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf any industry shouldn’t allow any compromise towards safety of their products it is toy industry. More than ever, toys are available to our kids in every single form one can imagine. Being able to provide kids with non expensive toys and enjoy their smile while playing is priceless. However, there is no single parent in this world that wouldn’t want to check if that toy for their kids is safe. Beside that, in case of possible hazard and threat they need to know how to behave and what to do with affected toys. Serialization will give toys manufacturer that opportunity seen not only as competitive advantage or nice feature, but as really something that has to become standard.

Luxury Industry

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho in this world doesn’t like to have nice, elegant and luxury items? Some of us will be able to afford them on a special occasions, some more often, but we would really want to be sure what we are buying. Maybe this category won’t affect directly our health, but nobody likes to feel fooled. Counterfeited luxury goods are one of the most affected goods influenced by modern technology and online shopping. Until now manufacturers didn’t have many tools how to help their customers to remain confident in brand and to make shopping and delivery of their products effective more than ever. By implementing various serialization tools for both online and offline product protection the risk will be minimized. And yes, direct marketing channel will be opened to your customers, they’ll know how to appreciate you communicating with them personally, combined with your loyalty program.

Automotive Industry

cars-7-1526529-640x480The man and the machine. Once you start thinking about how many times a day, you’re actually putting your life “in hand” of machine as automobile or motorcycle you might actually become concerned. Automotive industry, especially different spare parts, are type of products very often affected by counterfeiting. It’s not only about buying questionable spare parts over non certified web shops but also about bumping into them in a legitimate supply chain.Of course that affects not only consumers, but respective brands who are losing extreme amounts in terms of revenue and ruined confidence in their products. Serialization can minimize that risk and help all supply chain participants to deal with that threat. At the end, nothing will help your company success more than happy and safe customer.